•      Straight Forward S&P Directional bias with no need for other noise or talk
  •      Average win ratio for past 7 years is over 80%. So far for 2020 it has been 88%
  •      Weekly average es emini points for 2020 YTD is 52 pts/weekly


      Expert Leader in Trading the S&P Futures, Options, ETF's, and Index Funds. With Over 20 years of trading experience, our high probability trading is due to zeroing in on what really moves the markets. Many traders and investors solely focus on fundamental or technical analysis. However, there are several other factors that must be included in the overall process of making a trade decision. Some of these include: Understanding High Frequency Trades, Commitment of Traders Analysis, Institutional Buying and Selling Pressure, Seasonal Trading, as well as the raw Technical Analysis based on leading indicators such as our proprietary Delta Surge and Range Targets (shown here). Our proprietary software is like none other available. The Range Target indicator has the ability to predict where the market has a very high probability of heading. While the Delta Surge indicator is derived from volume, cycles, and Fibonacci based timing. Together, they work in-sync with one and other for precise technical analysis.

     As a 22-year veteran of the financial services and investment industry I’ve served as a prop trader, advisor, and portfolio manager. I’ve combined these couple decades of experience with my love of teaching in order to help other traders worldwide to multiply profits and build their wealth. Many of my family members, friends, and colleagues, have often asked for "Tips" or "Advice". However, being a full time trader, my focus is on trading while the markets are open. Therefore, I didn't have a lot of time to send out emails and other information. So, over the years, I found it became a cornerstone of my trading to know the primary factors that allowed me to make a decision of where the market had a very high probability of going for the day. I later decided to offer this insight to those who followed my trading success via email and texts. Which ultimately assisted in making the decision to offer these same market signals online to other traders around the world that follow the S&P. 

     My success rate has remained consistent over the years staying above 85% accuracy. This confidence, along with reviewing what other services offer, motivated me to offer a service that was straight forward with a daily market bias - without the need for reading through a ton of information that leaves most traders unsure of what a page of information is really saying. My signals are offered here on this site just before the market opens as a Bullish, Bearish, or Neutral sentiment for the overall day. This then allows for smaller time frames to be traded in that direction throughout the day.


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